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Highly, highly recommend [the TRNDS App]! Love having all the information I need in one place to make smarter bets. Super resourceful.
For the cost of a beer, Fansure agreed to reimburse me for 50% of my ticket price if Lebron sat. The customer experience and honest, straightforward pricing and terms exceeded all my expectations.
The ability to source your own trends and find compelling statistics is unparalleled. TRNDS makes it easy to find those lines usually only reserved for high stakes bettors, giving a huge leg up to the casual bettor.
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Amin Elhassan, ESPN
Fansure's service is going to be a game changer. When [the founder] first told me about Fansure, I immediately thought that this is a winner.
Eliot Crist, Fade The Noise
The TRNDS' content automation solution has the most detailed trends data on the marketplace. There is no situation they don't cover.
Tom Haberstroh, NBC Sports
As soon as the schedule came out in August, Fansure red-flagged the Clippers back-to-back in November as a prime DNP-Rest candidate for Kawhi Leonard.
our users
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